The Top Passive Residual Income Ideas To Make Cash Now

The Top Passive Residual Income Opportunites

How To Make An Income Money Tree Online

Have you ever heard the expression “money does not grow on trees”?

Well, today you’re going to learn about some active and passive income opportunities that you can consider your money trees that will build wealth by growing leaves of money all day and all night whether you are awake or asleep!

I like to focus on passive income strategies that will make money while allowing me to pursue other things that may be important to me like family, travel, hobbies, and even more wealth building activities.

I created this blog website to discuss the best passive residual income strategies you can use to earn money with little or no financial risk! With some of these strategies, you can make money without having any startup cash on hand.

I’m sure you’ve also heard the expression “it takes money to make money.” This is actually NOT true and today I’m going to prove it to you.

Disclaimer: I will only discuss money making strategies that I have personally tested, or researched extensively.

Below are passive income ideas and strategies that are relatively quick and easy to implement.  I have also included some bonus FUN strategies at the end so be sure to check those out.


Passive Residual Income Opportunity #1 – Build Wealth in the Stock Market (trading options)

Building Wealth
For this strategy I will talk about how you can use options trading and margin to supercharge your trading account and get triple digit gains in a matter of hours! Yes, with options trading it is quite possible to get returns of 100% or more in a day!! I have done it….MANY times.

I will also show you how you can get paid a nice commission to buy and sell stocks. I will cover a very conservative options strategy that I use to consistently generate 15% or more every month.  Check out to my section on how to build wealth in the stock market.


Passive Residual Income Opportunity #2. –  Building Wealth with Network Marketing

I will discuss things to look out for with this strategy. I will address some of the negative press that this lucrative strategy has been receiving. I will also provide some guidelines for what I think are necessary for choosing the right network marketing company. Check out my section on how to make passive income in Network Marketing.


Passive Residual Income Opportunity #3. –  Building Wealth in Real Estate (i.e. Tax Leins, Tax Deeds, Rental properties, bird dogging)

I will cover various Real Estate strategies under this section. I will try to focus on the easier and cheaper strategies first and then lay out a game-plan to get involved in the more advanced higher cost strategies. Jump to my section on making passive income with real estate.


Passive Residual Income Opportunity #4. –  Build Wealth with Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is all about making money online. It all starts with a website just like this one. Build a website, choose a way to make money, and focus on that strategy.

This might be considered the cousin to traditional offline Network Marketing. I recently joined up with Wealthy Affiliate University, one of the top educational companies for internet marketers. In less than one month of starting this strategy I am already making money online from my efforts!

If you want to know more, check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate University by clicking here

I’m very excited about the opportunities that this strategy presents. I will publish my ideas on affiliate marketing and how to make money with this strategy.


Passive Residual Income Opportunity #5 – Building Wealth through Website Flipping

Surely you have heard of real estate flipping where investors buy distressed properties at a bargain, fix them up and then sell them for massive profits!! Well, there is a similar concept happening right now with websites!

Investors are (buying and selling) flipping websites for huge profits. There are websites that you can visit to auction other websites. Some websites get listed for as much as $300,000 or more!! Consider that it only costs $10 – $12 dollars per year to own a domain and around $5 per month for web hosting.  That’s some serious returns on your investment!!


Passive Residual Income Opportunity #6 – Building Wealth with Vending Machines

Ever run out of cash and have to go to an ATM to get a refill? Notice that different ATM machines charge different fees based on where you are?

ATM machines are a big business and a way to make a lot of residual income. Just place the ATM machine in a high traffic area and reap the benefits via the transaction fees.

Ever walk up to a vending machine to buy snacks or drinks? A similar concept applies to vending machines. Find a high traffic location and wait for the profits to roll in.

I will give an overview of how this works.

Free Cash – Fast Easy Ways to Make Money!!!

These strategies do not fall under passive residual income, but they can be fun, they are extremely easy and the returns are quick!!


Free Cash Income Opportunity #1. – Make Money As A Mystery Shopper

I will discuss how you can make money doing things you would normally do anyway, such as going to the bank, going to a restaurant, talking on the phone, staying at a hotel, getting your oil changed, etc etc.

This quick and easy way to make money is not as lucrative as the wealth building strategies, but can be a lot of fun. Jump to my section on how to make money as a Mystery Shopper.


Free Cash Income Opportunity #2. –  Online Surveys

With this strategy I will show you how you can make money taking free online surveys.

I will tell you what to watch out for to avoid scams and I will also recommend some survey sites that you can join to get started right away. To jump to my section on making free cash with online surveys.

One of the best paid survey websites that I have seen so far is cashcrate and you can see my earnings below. This is definitely one of the EASIEST ways to get FREE CASH!


Free Cash Income Opportunity #3 – Consulting

If you have a special talent or love for something, I’m going to teach you how you get paid for that hobby and help others in the process.

Some examples of things you might be able to get paid for are….Article Writing, Website Building, Tutoring, coaching or mentoring, etc.

There are a lot of possibilities with this category so stay tuned.


And more as I discover them.

Bookmark this site and keeping checking back for updates. As I learn new ways to make money with low risk, I will be publishing them here.

I will write about my personal experience with these different strategies as well as the experiences of those close to me. I hope you will join me on this journey to financial freedom. Feel free to leave me comments with any questions you may have or any particular topics you would like more information on.

Knowing is half the battle and taking action on what you know is the other piece of the puzzle to being successful at anything you do.

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